Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So this is Love

I truly enjoy how Valentines has evolved over the past 12 years that me and Jeff have spent it as a couple. It started like all Valentines do when you are a young couple in highschool, you give the chocolates in the expensive heart shaped box, and get the dozen red roses, sprinkle on a stuffed animal, card, romantic dinner and the day is done as soon as it began. This year I think I had the best Valentines day yet. It was a whole weekend of celebration since Jeff had to work 3 to 11, plans for an extravagant celebration flew out the window, and simply hanging out together was the goal. Jeff came and took my Starry night class, which was exciting for me, Jeff has never seen me teach and I got to share that part of my life, helping him paint a famous image that is important to me. On Saturday at midnight, I guess it was really Sunday, we exchanged gifts, I got him an assortment of fancy truffles from Godiva because he is the candy lover, and a bag full of Jeff movies like, Zombieland, Land of the Dead, Beowulf, to name a few and promised to watch them with him soon. I received a bundle of my favorite Gerber daisies, I love daisies, and kind, any color! A cute butterfly balloon that I had a hand in picking out since I was beating him with it at HEB earlier that day. And most amazingly a WHOLE cherry pie from Luby's. I can not even begin to explain my obsession with the cherry pie at Luby's, it's like no other, holy cow! We had a Sunday lunch at Panda Express, and tapped off our night by venturing out into the jungle behind our house to turn up the water heater, yey for HOT showers, no more luke warm ones, it was perfect.

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