Thursday, January 28, 2010

Observation of my Oddities...

Today as I was driving to work I got to thinking about my goofy rituals that inconvenience my life. Like for instance how every day I go to work I tote along with me, what Jeff calls my big bag of crazy. Which is a rather large Andy Warhol inspired tote bag that contains, my laptop, it's plug, my bristol board pad, a large spiral for developing this story I have in my head, a small journal to take notes in, my wallet, chapstick, my book of the month, a book on writing fiction, my camera, the usb plug for my camera, some charcoal pencils Maisha gave me, canvas trading cards, and tiny miscellaneous bit and ends. Then on top of that I take my craft box, which hold all the essentials for making my hairclips and pendants, and most recently my table top aisle with a trap draw full of pastels, color pencils, markers, ect, all because I have this deep rooted fear that I will have inspiration or time on my shift to be creative. I never do, so when I get home after a long day I have to drag all that crap back to my house, because god forbid my art boxes hang out in the car overnight. You never now that drunken bum that walks by might peek in my car and decide that he want to color. Yeah I realize it I'm crazy, wont deny it,ugg!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January's Ending

So since there are only 6 more days of the month, I thought I would take a minute to list and log my current progress on my resolutions...

I have succeeded in making 4 pieces of art for the past 4 weeks, that's on schedule.
I have written a bit but am not at the everyday mark yet but I'm getting there.
I am currently reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" but am only like 100 pages into it, I need to jump on the reading wagon and bust out 400 hundred more before Feb. 1st, but I'm off this weekend and a bulk of it shall get done then.
I have rid my closet of all size 8 shoes and donated them to a sixteen year old who will make better use of them.
My contribution to the community is taking in and finding homes for a litter of helpless kittens. I have found homes for 3 of them so far, 2 more to go before Sunday, fingers crossed!
My bank account is in good standing, catching up on bills and staying in the green equalled a DVD treat for myself cause Blockbuster has movie 3 for $20!
Working on the self promotion, got the shell of a website going, taking pics of things for Etsy and getting new business cards made yey!
Ah (sigh) my cup is runith over...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This has got to be the first year ever that I have actual resolutions and am being strict to keeping to them. I have deemed 2010 the year of creation. I have resolved to create a piece of artwork at least once a week, to write at least once a day, even if it's just a little, and to read and finish a book once a month.
Other resolutions include:
-to grow out my hair, I kinda miss it, and have consistently had short hair since senior year of high school.
-to only buy size 9 shoes, I have a big foot that lingers between a size 8 1/2 and 9, yet I'm delusional to believe that size 8's are comfortable. Yeah they are fine for walking around the department store for five minutes when you first try them on, but completely sucks after a night on the cobble stone downtown.
-to not overdraft my bank account, this trend is what causes me to get into unnecessary debt and rely on Money Box to cash and keep 1% of my checks, it's time to financially grow up!
-to get involved in more organizations and volunteer. Before I entered the work force I volunteered alot and working with the Empty Bowl Project last year really reawakened that desire to help out in the community.
-to go to more concerts, the plus is that most of my favorite bands are from the 90's and their tours are cheaper now that they aren't mainstream. Seeing Third Eye Blind was such a surreal experience, I traveled back to my 14 year old semi-charmed life.
-to travel, even if it small trips like to the beach or to visit family, a change of scenery is good for the soul.
- and lastly to commit to creating a means for myself, promoting my art and crafts, along with my teaching abilities, I've been praised for my teaching skills, I was student teacher of the year for crying out loud, but I'm so scared and insecure with not meeting the hype and expectations that I've been hiding. No mas, time to get out there and see what I can do!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Relating to, or Resembling

heathery: adjective Of, relating to, or resembling heather.

I've decided to create this blog as a means of documenting the journey I plan to take in this new year. 2010 marks the beginning of my life without the distraction and obligation of school, and I am making it my mission to dig up and conquer projects and desires I have buried over the past 8 years. Formal school is awful in that it robs you of all desire to create because there is so much pressure and grade point average looming behind it. For the past 8 years I have been told by professors to pick a subject, pick a medium, when all I want to do is dabble in them all. When I graduated from high school I was certain I was going to be a writer. I wrote poetry, got into screenwriting, had a completed short and 38 pages of s script written when I just stopped. Life got complicated, I got anxious and without practice or passion the ability to write was lost. This forced me to find a new outlet, art, art was the easy choice, it's what comes natural to me, and this is what make it ideal for me to teach, art is me. But as much as I love art and teaching, I don't feel complete. I long to write, to create imagery and play with words. I feel that if I can find balance in both my outlets that I will be whole, a real Heather, who I'm suppose to be...we will see.