Monday, February 22, 2010

My NOT so secret Lovers

So I went to go see Shutter Island last night and during the whole movie I kept thinking Leonardo Dicaprio kinda looks like Jeff. Aww he's crying I want to cuddle my Jeff, weird they have the same nose...This then forced me to evaluate the other list of my celebrity crushes and realize that my friends are right I have a type! Maisha laughs at me because every time I think I am being scandalous in having a crush on an actor that is not my husband, she pop my bubble and says Yes He IS! She is not the only friend to remark on my type of guy, they are for the most part usually dirty blonde, with light eyes, stocky, with prominent jawlines and pointy noses. The more I think about the more I realize it's true, uggg all my fantasy crushes look in some way, shape or form like my husband, I'm such a lame-O!

Lets Look!The First: Leonardo Dicaprio, loved when I was 13 pre meeting Jeff

The Longest: Paul Walker, an active boyfriend of mine, fell for when I was 18

The Latest: Sam Worthington, current boyfriend as of May this year

The Hubby: been with since I was 15 married at 23

I'll let ya'll be the judge, am I truly in love with the same type of guy?!?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So this is Love

I truly enjoy how Valentines has evolved over the past 12 years that me and Jeff have spent it as a couple. It started like all Valentines do when you are a young couple in highschool, you give the chocolates in the expensive heart shaped box, and get the dozen red roses, sprinkle on a stuffed animal, card, romantic dinner and the day is done as soon as it began. This year I think I had the best Valentines day yet. It was a whole weekend of celebration since Jeff had to work 3 to 11, plans for an extravagant celebration flew out the window, and simply hanging out together was the goal. Jeff came and took my Starry night class, which was exciting for me, Jeff has never seen me teach and I got to share that part of my life, helping him paint a famous image that is important to me. On Saturday at midnight, I guess it was really Sunday, we exchanged gifts, I got him an assortment of fancy truffles from Godiva because he is the candy lover, and a bag full of Jeff movies like, Zombieland, Land of the Dead, Beowulf, to name a few and promised to watch them with him soon. I received a bundle of my favorite Gerber daisies, I love daisies, and kind, any color! A cute butterfly balloon that I had a hand in picking out since I was beating him with it at HEB earlier that day. And most amazingly a WHOLE cherry pie from Luby's. I can not even begin to explain my obsession with the cherry pie at Luby's, it's like no other, holy cow! We had a Sunday lunch at Panda Express, and tapped off our night by venturing out into the jungle behind our house to turn up the water heater, yey for HOT showers, no more luke warm ones, it was perfect.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Change is Going to Come

Lost in my head today, feeling ambitious and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, things are moving forward I can feel them, all around me. I signed up to take my final teaching test today, and then it's official I can teach. This concept both excites and scares the pants off of me. I'm thankful for a job posting that really pushed me to get it done. It's exactly what I'm looking for and in a neighborhood I use to live in and like alot. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I'm too late, but the thought of sometime better is enough for me. I think I have a bad tendency to settle, to be to comfortable and excepting of my situations that I sometimes don't try to be all that I was meant to be. For instance I love my current job, I love being a manager and promoting the business, and teaching classes, and painting pottery, but at the end of the day I have nothing truly to show for it. The studio is not mine, all I do is for others and it's not fulfilling anymore. I want my own something, classroom and home. Again I love my current home, I live in a house I grew up in, rebuilt it with my husband. My cats love it, I get to spend time with my grandma and my parents, but living there I feel so used. While I am close to family,I am taken for granted by them, I am asked to maintain an entire yard I don't own, pick up toys that were scattered by kids that aren't mine, and care for and find homes for kittens that I shouldn't have to. I'm tired of having to be patience and understanding of other peoples misfortunes and irresponsibilities, I have worked too hard to be held back out of guilt or hope that I will make a difference to people who don't want to change. It's a new day, time to start moving on and leaving the past behind, it's a big world and I deserve to have a happy place it in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

stuck between a rock and a cold place

That's kinda how I feel tonight. The last week of January began with such promise, I was making good on my resolutions, and moving full speed ahead and then, wham!nothing. By Friday I entered this fog and was so exhausted I slept all weekend, missed a day of work,and got no project completed. To make matters worst I still have two kittens in my home that I am extremely attached to. So attached to that my stomach is doing flip flops as I posted an ad on Craigslist. I hate the idea of the kittens going to someone I don't know, there are crazies out there and I don't want a crazy to get my kitties. All this drama and coldness later caused me to create an awful painting to end/ begin the month, ugg its freaking a tree and a rock! I tried to push something worth while but this piece of crap is all that came out. I guess that's how it goes sometimes, not everything can be a masterpiece, life gives ya lemons so ya gotta make lemonade and all that encouraging lingo, blah, blah. Plus I haven't finished my book yet, but I truly don't want to rush it, I'm so wrapped up in it. Also my website is so close to done, think I'll put it out there this weekend for sure. Stupid weather put me under the weather and now I'm behind! Ugg and speaking of the weather, I'm gonna just vent on the weather for just a minute, it's awful, do I live in Austin or Seattle because these days I can't tell anymore, this rain is driving me insane. I was definitely a cat in another life, for I hate with all my might getting wet, I wouldn't even take showers if I wouldn't get all smelly and gross. Man I'm totally wigging out on this blog, I just reread those last few lines and realized Jeff is right I totally sound like that little girl from that commercial, " I don't like broccoli...."