Thursday, January 28, 2010

Observation of my Oddities...

Today as I was driving to work I got to thinking about my goofy rituals that inconvenience my life. Like for instance how every day I go to work I tote along with me, what Jeff calls my big bag of crazy. Which is a rather large Andy Warhol inspired tote bag that contains, my laptop, it's plug, my bristol board pad, a large spiral for developing this story I have in my head, a small journal to take notes in, my wallet, chapstick, my book of the month, a book on writing fiction, my camera, the usb plug for my camera, some charcoal pencils Maisha gave me, canvas trading cards, and tiny miscellaneous bit and ends. Then on top of that I take my craft box, which hold all the essentials for making my hairclips and pendants, and most recently my table top aisle with a trap draw full of pastels, color pencils, markers, ect, all because I have this deep rooted fear that I will have inspiration or time on my shift to be creative. I never do, so when I get home after a long day I have to drag all that crap back to my house, because god forbid my art boxes hang out in the car overnight. You never now that drunken bum that walks by might peek in my car and decide that he want to color. Yeah I realize it I'm crazy, wont deny it,ugg!

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  1. Awww... You're not crazy, you're just creative. At least you are organized about it, and have a bag... I do pretty much the same thing, only I'm not nearly as organized. In fact, I haul in two big plastic containers every morning containing acrylic paint, brushes, watercolors, paper already cut, and colored pencils, just in case I have time to make something or jot down an idea. I hate carrying it, in and ALL the way out to my car everytime, but I do it for the same reason as you. Maybe we're both crazy... uh-oh... sorry, that may be it actually. LOL!