Monday, January 25, 2010

January's Ending

So since there are only 6 more days of the month, I thought I would take a minute to list and log my current progress on my resolutions...

I have succeeded in making 4 pieces of art for the past 4 weeks, that's on schedule.
I have written a bit but am not at the everyday mark yet but I'm getting there.
I am currently reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" but am only like 100 pages into it, I need to jump on the reading wagon and bust out 400 hundred more before Feb. 1st, but I'm off this weekend and a bulk of it shall get done then.
I have rid my closet of all size 8 shoes and donated them to a sixteen year old who will make better use of them.
My contribution to the community is taking in and finding homes for a litter of helpless kittens. I have found homes for 3 of them so far, 2 more to go before Sunday, fingers crossed!
My bank account is in good standing, catching up on bills and staying in the green equalled a DVD treat for myself cause Blockbuster has movie 3 for $20!
Working on the self promotion, got the shell of a website going, taking pics of things for Etsy and getting new business cards made yey!
Ah (sigh) my cup is runith over...

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