Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yesterday I saw a baby deer get hit by a car that was speeding down my street. I saw the car stop for a minute, the deer motionless on the ground, there was a child screaming, or is it the deer. I watched the car drive away, and the baby deer come up half alive. I watched my husbands empathic face, as he keeps me at a distance. I watched as the cars continued to speed by as this little animal fought on the side of the road. I watched as the drivers gave us dirty looks as we stood out in the road to make them slow down. I watched the frighten tiny deer scrabbled to get away, with no where to go. For over an hour we guarded the little deer, waiting for help or and answer from god. After fearing for the deer's safety in the street, my husband gently put the deer in the grass. I watched as a group of girls stopped to help guard. I watched as a Jeep came by to offer us waters. I watched as most everyone else couldn't have cared. I watched a cop come, I watched a cop leave. And we watched as this sweet little deer left it's misery. How are some people so thoughtless to the life of an animal while others so affected. I have grieved for that little deer like it were my own, I will be haunted by that day for as long as I live. Every time I close my eyes I feel the momentum of that car as it flies by, I hear the screams, I see that deer, I wish I could have saved it. Why are humans so oblivious and so absorbed, to not have stopped and let others deal with their messes. Why are we so often the ones who have clean them up...my heart hurts.

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