Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flash Forward

So it's been quiet a while since I have done this, forgive if I'm a little rusty, but there is a lot to report since I last paid this blog a visit. Over a year ago I learned I had landed my first teaching job and now here I am into the first week of my completetion of my first year of teaching...and boy am I exhausted. To put into words all that has happened in this past year would be near to impossible. The past 9 months have changed my life in ways I could never explain. I have learned so much, I have worked my body to exhaustion, I have pushed my sanity to its limits, but I can honestly say I truly love teaching. It is the hardest job out there for sure, and people that don't teach can never understand. My life has been changed and has changed 300 little lives. I know every one by name, I have spent countless hours trying to find ways to convince them that Art can change their lives, and I can honestly say that I have seen an evolution in them.
But now it's summer, and time to wind down and have some time for myself.... all by myself. The one thing I can explain about being a teacher, is the longing and loving of having ones own space and quiet in the world. And that what I have done all week... just slept, and listened to music, and enjoyed the quiet. I feel bad because I have friends texting to do things and go out, but for now I need to wind down, rest, let me nerves settle and my mind ease. Teaching puts you on constant alert and it takes some getting used to, to not have to entertain, teach, and parent 300+ kiddos.
So here's to the start of my summer, and some much need me time!

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