Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Farewell to February

With the end of another month just checking my resolutions to make sure I'm keeping them in tact. I succeeded in making 2 artworks a weeks, experimented with mediums and ideas I had wanted to for a while and didn't question if it was stupid or silly. Been keeping up with my blog, I realize that the writing everyday would be way to hard to keep up with, so as long as I blog a few times a week I feel happy with myself. Bank account still in the positive, paying my bills, treating myself to art supplies and movies when I'm good. Still no small shoes! Planning my first trip for the year, to the beach here I come, where hopefully I will get some time to tan and finish my book that I started in January, ugg the only resolution I have been bad on, reading! I am such a ridiculously slow reader, I relish every word, it takes me forever to get through a book. It's okay, to make up for each month I don't finish a book I have to double up for the following, so I am now making myself responsible for finishing the current book and two others by the end of this month. Lastly for getting active in the community, I'm in the beginning stages of two projects I want to make happen. The first, to collaborate with an old friend on a new mural for our elementary school. The second is to paint and sell custom dog and cat dishes, then for all profits to be donated to different animal shelters and clinics. Well yey for another month, let the good times keep coming.

P.S: Plus I passed my final certification test, I can officially teach in Texas as of February 19th!

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